Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I really want to buy this interesting cooking or brewing ingredient, I can’t find it in your shop… but I think it is something you might want to sell?
A: Perhaps – please write to and tell us what it is you are looking for and what you want to use it for. We will then get back to you and tell you how likely it is.


Q: I am a cooking / brewing / chemistry blogger, and I really want to try out a specific recipe or experiment, but I can’t afford the ingredients – is it possible to strike a deal?
A: It depends. Alchemists like to learn new things. We like people who help other people learn. And we like people who are willing to give something for something. If you can write an easy-to-understand guide that tells (and shows!) people how to use one of our ingredients, then we might be able to work something out.
Send the following to us at
– The URL of your blog
– One (1) link to a post on your blog you consider to be one of your best posts. Ideally one that shows that it is likely you will do a good job writing the guide.
– What you want to do.
– What you need but can’t afford. Be reasonable when deciding how much of each ingredient to ask for: If it is obvious that you aren’t asking for enough then we are likely to think you haven’t planned well enough, and if you are asking for way more than is needed then it doesn’t take much for us to figure out that you are just being plain greedy.
Do not write more than you need to, we do not expect a long elaborate letter, just that you convey your thoughts clearly.
Please send the above from an email address that is shown on your blog, so we know you represent it. Do not be too impatient, it may take us a little while to get back to you.

While we do realize that not everybody are close to being fluent in English, it is the language we do business in, and it is the language most of our customers speak. We also know many people who can do a great job at writing a guide do not own a blog, but we need a way to judge how likely it is that a person can do what he or she claims, and besides, writing a guide for us that the writer can use on their own blog is a nice bonus.


Q: Is it possible to buy your goods in bulk?
A: Yes, we offer wholesale discounts to people who want to buy in bulk, also to retailers who desire to resell our products. For most ingredients you will need to purchase at least 5 kg per ingredient. Contact us at and tell us which items you are interested in. If you wish to buy less than 5 kg of a given ingredient then please use our site to purchase.


Q: Can I get a free sample?
A: We do not offer free samples, but our prices are quite competitive, and for most dry ingredients you can purchase as little as 50 grams!


Q: How much does shipping cost?
A: Our site calculates shipping for you automatically if you add the items you desire to your online shopping cart. Please note that the weight used to calculate the shipping cost includes packaging materials, so the weight of a package is higher than the weight of the ingredients it contains.


Q: What if an item has been damaged during transport?
A: Please send a picture showing the damaged item, and also any damage sustained by the packaging, to us at, our staff will then arrange a replacement item to be sent and use the picture to file a complaint with the courier.