Introducing Crystalmash, Dextzyme HT and Beta Glucanase!

We have added three new products to our lineup:

Crystalmash – a blend of proteases and other enzymes with broad specificity which helps the brewer achieve many goals simultaneously:
– degrade grain proteins and can be used to produce gluten-reduced beer
– reduce the risk of both protein and starch haze, which reduces the need to purchase filters and other filtering equipment
– make amino acids trapped in grain proteins more available to the yeast, reducing the need for extra nutrients

Dextzyme HT – while our very popular Dextzyme has a temperature optimum around 40-60⁰C, our ‘Dextzyme HT’ has a temperature optimum of 87⁰ (!) and shows high enzyme activity from 65 to 90⁰. The classic Dextzyme is of course still available!

Beta Glucanase – beta-glucan is a macromolecule made up of glucose units, and up to 75% of the mass of the grain cell wall comes from beta-glucan! Using our Beta Glucanase you can break down beta-glucan, making the glucose in it available to the yeasts, and making it easier for the grain to release the starches!

All three products are priced very competitively, please check them out in our shop!

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